Rome – The City of History

When people think of Rome, they think of history. Many cities in the world are full of history and full of excitement. Rome however has many things to offer a traveler, if you are looking for excitement, as well as a good time Rome has it all. Rome is a very busy city with lots of people and lots to do. That being the case it’s important to remember that if you don’t like people perhaps Rome or at least certain places in Rome may not be right for you.

Rome is a very busy city and therefore very crowded. Rome is not only a high travel spot for tourists but also for business travelers and politicians. If you do not mind being around people and can handle large crowds then this is one place that must not be missed. The city of Rome has so much to do that it’s important to do one of two things before you go. You need to understand that having just a few days will never allow you to do everything in this great city. So a good idea is to make sure that you can go for a long period of time so that you are able to do everything. If that isn’t possible for you because, of finances or time then it’s a good idea to make a list of everything that you feel like you can’t miss on your trip. Do those things first and then do other things as time permits.

You don’t want to rush through anything, while in Rome. There are so many places to see and things to do that you will never feel like you have had enough. But if you rush then you will miss out on the feeling that you get from experiencing many of the places in Rome. If you rush through everything then yes you may have seen it all, but did you really experience it? It’s a better idea to make sure that places you visit leave lasting impressions that to make sure that you have seen everything.

Rome has so much to see that it is amazing. The Coliseum is a good place to start. The lines at this attraction can be very long and if you aren’t careful you could spend hours waiting in line. If you want to save time however you can go online and purchase tickets, that way you can bypass the lines. If you are a romantic couple then go and sit on the Spanish Steps. One of the most famous places in Rome the Spanish Steps are a place where couple come to have photos taken and many proposals have been made on these steps, making it one of the most romantic places in the world.

The Trevi Fountain is another must see in this city. Many people have seen this fountain in movies and photographs. Actually being able to see this fountain in person is a much different feeling. If you see this in person then anything you have seen in the movies will seem bland. If you prefer the dark parts of history, then I would recommend the Catacombs. Tunnels built by monks to house the dead these are the creepiest thing to see in Rome, but highly recommended. Rome has much more than can be listed, it’s a good idea to look up things and do your own research.

The Best Third Basemen in the History of Baseball

When discussing this I have to be careful since I like Brooks. Just a couple of years after he retired he came through our area and played a couple of slow pitch softball games with some of us. He is a down to earth guy. If you met Brooks you would find it hard not to like him. The way he acts you would never guess he is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Plus, those spectacular diving stops he made in the World Series against the Mets and Reds are still highlight reel material. At the same time I’m here to tell you that picking Brooks as the all time greatest third baseman isn’t that easy.

Crowning anyone player the best of anything in baseball history is no easy task. Ricky Henderson has stolen more bases than any player in history, but does that make him the greatest base stealer ever? Barry Bonds has the most home runs in history, does that make him the best power hitter in history? To further confuse the discussion of who is the best in the history of baseball a student of the game has to look at the different stages or eras the game has gone through. From the dead ball era to the current steroid era. Getting confused yet?

To crown Brooks Robinson the best third baseman in the history of baseball you have to ignore the other side of the ball. Offense. Or, hitting. I would sit and argue with you that Brooks was the best defensive third baseman that I have watched during my years as a baseball fan. But, offensively Brooks is miles behind Mike Schmidt, George Brett, Wade Boggs, Eddie Mathews, and Alex Rodriquez. Mike Schmidt was a gold glove third baseman himself, to go along with 548 career homers. George Brett was a throwback style of player who wasn’t afraid to get dirty on defense, just like Brooks. But, Brett was one of the most talented hitters of the mid 70’s and 80’s. Wade Boggs was a more than adequate third baseman who had a career average of.328. Making him one of the best average hitters in the history of the game. Eddie Mathews gets completely overlooked in so many ways. A power hitting third baseman with 512 career round trippers, back in an era when 500 home runs was a real milestone in baseball. And, of course A Rod who recently converted from shortstop to third base. He is in a completely different discussion due to his abuse of steroids.

If you want to crown Brooks Robinson the best defensive third baseman in the history of baseball you have my vote. If you want the best third baseman on both sides of the ball, Mike Schmidt gets my vote. He hit 548 home runs when the parks were pitcher friendly, the balls and the players weren’t juiced, and the strike zone wasn’t the size of a cigar box. Hitters like Schmidt and Mathews might hit 800 home runs in today’s hitter friendly game.

Sorry, but Brooks you just didn’t hit like one of the all time greats.